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ACC Roundup

Down goes Frazor! Down goes Frazor! Down goes Frazor!

It's really irrelevant, but that was fun! Our Cosell moment for the season.

For UNC fans who may have been chortling a bit over Duke's loss to Marquette,
the chortling ended rather suddenly with Gonzaga taking out the most talented
team in the history of college basketball, according to one columnist, in New
York, long a popular home away from home for the Heels, who have recruited there
for fifty years. Just goes to show you that talent alone is not
going to get the job done.

A lot of coaches are going to get the game tape and see what Gonzaga did to
Tyler Hansbrough, who was held to nine points on 2-5 shooting. It's such a
startling stat for Hansbrough that you wonder if maybe he was ill.

Gonzaga is 7-1 all-time vs. ACC fans, so as long as geography is no particular disqualifier, next time expansion is discussed, might as well call Mark Few.

Duke of course faces the Zags, also in New York, in about a month.

In Hawaii, Georgia Tech, young like Duke and UNC, ran into a Bruin buzz saw
and fell to UCLA, 88-73. In the prelim, incidentally, Memphis stuck it to
Kentucky, 80-63, meaning that thousands of Kentucky fans are going to go home
mad after two losses. Heads up, Tubby!

In a bit of a shocker, B.C. fell to Providence, 73-64, which isn't a big
suprise, but B.C. at 1-2 is. Virginia handled Asheville with ease, as one
might expect, 81-64.

All things considered, not a great night for the conference.

The only Thanksgiving day game features Virginia Tech hosting Western
Michigan. Enjoy your overeating, everyone!