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Time To Turn The TV Off

Reasonable people can disagree on things - UNC or Duke, Republican or
Democrat, whether or not O.J. Simpson killed his wife and Ron Goldman.

But can anyone seriously think O.J.'s latest move - a book and TV interview
called "If I Did It" - meaning if he killed Nicole Simpson and Goldman
- is
anything but disgusting?

Just on the immediate level, his children are going to have to endure
this. They've had to endure a lot since their mother was murdered, but
nothing so callous as this. Why would he put them through this?

Beyond that, it's just the height of bad taste. Bad taste is old news
for Fox Television - they mastered it years ago - and Judith Regan has gone a
long ways towards mastering it as well with "books by" Jenna Jameson, Amber Frey and Jose Canseco - but this is
a new low. We sincerely hope everyone refuses to watch it or buy the book,
and that it's a big money loser.

This is just sick. We are big on free speech, but every so often
something comes along that challenges your beliefs. Can't someone just
tell him to shut the hell up and go away? Fox deserves a boycott like no one we can think of.