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KC Johnson On The Group Of 88

In his latest post, KC
Johnson takes on the Group of 88,
many of whom seem unwilling to revisit
their earlier positions, despite what is now understood about the Duke lacrosse
case. Where it gets really interesting, though, are the responses to a
Chronicle article about the Group of 88. Among the respondents is Duke
professor Alex Rosenberg, who apparently said that he was bothered by
"affluent kids violating the law to get exploited women to take their
clothes off when they could get as much hookup as they wanted from rich and
attractive Duke coeds."

Now is that a nice thing to say?

The responses to this comment, and to his own post in the thread, are pretty
memorable, including one from Johnson, responding to an unkind suggestion from

Incidentally, we were intrigued by something on Rosenberg's page: he
lists his papers,
some published and some not, and requests permission to
quote him.

We can certainly understand that in the case of an unpublished paper, but how
could he possibly hope to control what anyone says about what he posts on his
web site?

In Tuesday night ACC action, Sacred Heart is at UNC, Virginia Tech hosts West
Florida, Wake has an interesting challenge in very capable Bucknell, Miami has
Alcorn State, and FSU takes on Mad Matt Doherty and his SMU Mustangs.