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ACC Roundup

The season is quite young, but Virginia's conquest of Arizona, on the eve of
their new arena's debut no less, is the biggest thing so far.

Arizona started the season as the #10 ranked team, but Virginia put a major
dent in that, and helped their RPI a good bit as well.

We thought that perhaps Chase Budinger, UA's highly touted freshman, had a
typical debut game, and that partly accounted for the loss. Not
true: Budinger had a very solid game.

Very impressive performance by the 'Hoos.

The other ACC games were basically dogs, although Clemson had a tussle with
Old Dominion, very well coached as we told you recently by a Mike Montgomery
disciple. Clemson pulled it out by four. Maryland beat Florida
A&M 93-54, no big whoop there. FSU shot down McNeese State

Monday, Georgia Tech welcomes Jackson State to the Thriller Dome, B.C. hosts
Vermont, and Florida State hosts Illinois State, a school which can at times be
dangerous. Their first game was against Matt Doherty's SMU team, by
the way, a test the Redbirds failed.

Like everyone associated with Virginia Tech hoops, Zabian Dowdell had a
brutal season last year. But
he sounds recharged and ready to go.

Hardin is a poor student of history:
he says that UNC's current team is the
deepest in college basketball history. We'd have to go back and look at
the roster for UNC between about 1981 and 84, but any team with James Worthy,
Sam Perkins, and Michael Jordan would have to get at least a mention. But
a bigger hurdle is UCLA during the Alcindor years and the Walton years. In
1973, UCLA was so deep that the backup center, Swen Nater, was a first round
draft pick.