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ACC Roundup

While we obviously write more about basketball than anything else, what
Wake did to Florida State Saturday deserves special mention
. They didn't
just beat Florida State; they took them apart. Who would have dreamed, at
the beginning of this season, that Wake could win 30-0?

This is the FSU that seemed invincible a few years ago, that routinely scored
50 or more points on most ACC teams. Or rather, it's not. That FSU
team is gone. With Bobby Bowden pushing 80, it's not likely to be back
soon, either.

Ok, back to hoops. It's
not like UNC didn't beat Pfeiffer
- they did. But they let a D2 score break
100, and let htem score on their last 12 possessions. Not exactly
scintillating basketball. Ol' Roy promises they'll hear about it again.

In other ACC news, Miami beat FIU by 23, and Clemson took out Monmouth,
77-65. And while Wake beat James Madison by nine, they were down by
13. Rookie point Ishmael Smith had 11 assists.