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Keeping Al And Barry Around

One of the nicest things that's happened to DBR is the chance to work with Al
Featherston and Barry Jacobs. Both guys are amazing ACC resources, and we
got raves last season for what they brought to the table. This year? We're
still trying to figure it out.

Barry and Al are professional sportswriters, and they don't come cheap.
It was a strain last year, and this year, we're on a leaner though more
predictable budget, and we can't guarantee we have what we'll need to pay them,
which works out to around $2,500 apiece for the season.

We can think of three ways to make it work (if you have another idea, by all
means pass it on).

  • Individual Sponsors. If you'd be interested in sponsoring the great
    work of either Al Featherston or Barry Jacobs (or both), please let us know.
  • A fundraiser. The money raised would go straight to Barry and Al.
  • Subscriptions. Failing those two options, moving both writers to a
    subscription basis, where the people who want to support them can, and those
    who aren't interested don't have to worry about it (your loss!). The
    rest of the site would remain the same as it traditionally has.

Our preference has always been to keep things as open as possible, but paying
professional writers is a significant expense, and given the quality of what
they did last year, it's more than worth it.

At least in our opinion. Yours is the one that matters most here!
Whatever you decide, that's what we'll do. <!font size="3">Let
us know what you think