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It's Going To Be A Cold Winter In Kentucky!

From the mailbag!
Just an item I thought might be of interest to you, given topics that you have written about in the recent past:

With the nearly completed acquisition of Cinergy (formerly Cincinnati Gas & Electric, aka CG&E) by Duke Power, it is expected that Duke Power will soon be doing away with the Cinergy corporate name. Cinergy currently provides the gas & electric service to a large swath of one of the most heavily populated sections of Kentucky (along the Ohio river just across from Cincinnati, in Northern Kentucky)... this means that many Kentuckians (who are overwhelmingly UK fans) are soon likely to be getting billed every month by DUKE POWER, for a virtually indispensable service from a monopoly provider-- how deliciously ironic is that?

I can just about hear the hue and cry from the UK faithful, as they gnash their teeth and bemoan another nefarious Duke plot (which their advanced UK educations will lead them to conclude has almost certainly been orchestrated by that minion of the Devil, Dukie Vitale), designed to deny UK and Kentuckians their rightful place in society and the college basketball world (essentially the same thing, in their minds). It will be interesting to see how many Kentuckians (of those not already using firewood to heat their homes) choose to shift off the power grid to avert the ignominy of paying fealty to their DUKE POWER seigneur every month.