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ACC Roundup

There was only one other ACC game Sunday night, with B.C. visiting Hotlanta
and coming
out of the Thriller Dome 0-2 in the conference.
Welcome to the ACC!

<!a href="">Duke 2-0 14-0
<!a href="">Georgia
2-0 8-4
<!a href="">North
1-0 9-2
<!a href="">N.C.
1-1 12-2
<!a href="">Florida
1-1 10-2
<!a href="">Clemson 1-1 12-3
<!a href="">Maryland 1-1 11-3
<!a href="">Miami 1-1 9-6
<!a href="">Virginia 1-1 7-5
<!a href="">Wake
0-1 11-3
<!a href="">Boston
0-2 11-3
<!a href="">Virginia
0-2 10-5

Tech actually had a very solid game against B.C., shutting them out at one
point for 11 minutes. Al Skinner says his team wasn't patient enough, and
that they settled for shots instead of being aggressive and driving to the

Fair enough, but give
Tech credit too.
They looked really good. They were aggressive
and creative, and they probably gave B.C. a two-day headache, pun intended.

Bob Lippert takes a look at the ugliness of ACC football, on the field and
off, and says good
thing it's basketball season
. Hard to argue that!

There are no games scheduled for Monday, but Tuesday has a couple of
intriguing matchups. What a lot of people who don't follow the conference
don't quite get is how intense the games between, say, UNC and Virginia Tech,
and State and Boston College, are. For that matter, B.C. may not quite get
it yet.

Virginia Tech has to make up some ground to keep NCAA hopes alive. 10-6
would not be an impossible hole, but it would be tough. The young Heels get
tested in a very hostile environment. Say what you will about Virginia
Tech, their crowd is as intense as anyone's in the ACC.

And for State and B.C., while the immediate future is not that dire, you can
bet that B.C. does not want to end up 0-3 in their new conference, and State
needs a win just because they hate losing to UNC and following that with a loss
to B.C. will be rough. Their January schedule is just brutal, and a second
loss will put pressure on them in a big way.