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Olympic Update

Not that it's a big surprise, but Tim
Duncan has officially said no to the

Definite Olympic Responses
Allen Iverson Yes
Tim Duncan No
Tracy McGrady No
Kevin Garnett No
Shaquille O' Neal ?
LeBron James ?
Dwyane Wade ?
Guys We Hope They Ask
Elton Brand
Shane Battier
Chauncey Billups
Tayshaun Prince
T.J. Ford
Bruce Bowen
Antawn Jamison
Greg Oden

Olympics. Shaq
says he
hasn't ruled it out,
and Kevin
Garnett says no way,
and that this team has no leaders. Ummm..since it
hasn't been picked yet, how would he know? Tracy
McGrady says no
, too, even though he hasn't been asked.

LeBron James
is said to be close to a decision
as well.

Kobe Bryant is almost certain to go, and Jerry Colangelo is pitching to
Dwyane Wade as well.