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ACC Roundup

'Noles were not very happy
about their performance against Clemson the other
night, with Alexander Johnson saying ''[t]hey punked us
on the glass,'' and coach Leonard Hamilton adding
most teams, they lose their focus for whatever reason. It's all we've been
talking about the last couple days, understanding the mentality you have to play
with to compete at this level.''

School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct. Sagarin
Duke 1-0 1.000 13-0 1.000 1
NC State 1-0 1.000 12-1 .923 14
Clemson 1-0 1.000 12-2 .857 40
Maryland 1-0 1.000 11-2 .846 17
Georgia Tech 1-0 1.000 7-4 .636 97
Wake Forest 0-0 .000 11-2 .846 61
North Carolina 0-0 .000 8-2 .800 22
Boston College 0-1 .000 11-2 .846 19
Florida State 0-1 .000 9-2 .818 49
Virginia Tech 0-1 .000 10-4 .714 102
Miami 0-1 .000 8-6 .571 112
Virginia 0-1 .000 6-5 .545 106

Clemson sounds like they
know they got away with something.
Oliver Purnell on going 5-23 in the
second half: “Wow, that’s an amazing stat, that shooting percentage. And we

And Shawan Robinson, with a perverse bit of pride,
adds: "Hey, at Clemson, it’s never a pretty game.”

If you say so, Shawan.

Andrew Brackman is one of our favorite ACC players. The guy is just
tremendous, and an awful lot of fun to watch. Here's
more on State's rising sophomore star.

As Dave Leitao gets into ACC play, he is finding that rebuilding Virginia
basketball is pretty tough. But
he's not backing down
, and that's good news for Hoos - and for the ACC in
general. We want Duke to be the best, but we want everyone else to be
good, too.

As has been widely noted in recent times, conference
play is hard to take as seriously without the round robin.
So Maryland
can forge a fairly easy path, while Wake's is quite rugged. Speaking of Wake, Skip Prosser is still trying to figure out who
should start for the Deacs
, at least at point guard. Duke is up this
weekend. Better get moving!

Lenox Rawlings has an entertaining read about
conference play heating up.