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Barry Jacobs On Californians In The ACC

California is the country’s most populous state and possesses a rich lode of basketball talent. Yet, despite the ACC’s high profile, the league has not had great luck mining the Golden State for players.

Since 1980, a period of 27 seasons, a mere 32 Californians have played in the ACC. So far, only four panned out well enough to make an All-ACC squad. Clemson’s Elden Campbell gained first team honors in 1990 and second team in 1989. Duke’s Cherokee Parks made second team in 1994 and 1995, as did Georgia Tech’s Drew Barry in 1996. Jon Barry of the Yellow Jackets made third team in 1992.

Currently there are more Californians in the ACC – eight – than at any time in history.

In contrast, there are 12 active foreign players. Counting the present contingent, since 1999 there have been 37 players from other countries on ACC rosters, triple the number of Californians.

Californians Playing In ACC, Last 10 Years (Listed On Opening Roster, Appeared In Games)
Name, School Seasons
Jamal Boykin, D 2006-
D’Andre Bell, GT 2006-
DeMarcus Nelson, D 2005-
Antonio Griffin, FSU 2005
Gary Hamilton, Mia$ 2005-
Quentin Thomas, NC 2005-
D.J. Strawberry, M 2004-
Ekene Ibekwe, M 2004-
Jermaine Harper, V 2002, 03
Justin Mott, FSU* 1999, 2000
J.D. Simpson, D 1998-01
Chris Burgess, D 1998, 99
Monte Marcaccini, V 1997, 98
Luke Buffum, NCS# 1996-98
Ricky Price, D 1995-98
  • * Junior college transfer
  • $ Played two years prior to joining ACC.
  • # North Carolinian, attended high school in Beverly Hills, Ca.