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ACC Roundup

In Wednesday night ACC action, Clemson beat Florida State, 61-55, and Maryland
smacked Texas A&M-Corpus Christi around,

School Conf. Overall
Duke 1-0 13-0
NC State 1-0 12-1
Clemson 1-0 12-2
Maryland 1-0 11-2
Georgia Tech 1-0 7-4
Wake Forest 0-0 11-2
North Carolina 0-0 8-2
Boston College 0-1 11-2
Florida State 0-1 9-1
Virginia Tech 0-1 10-4
Miami 0-1 8-6
Virginia 0-1 6-5

Clemson beat Florida State despite a second half which saw the Tigers shoot
only 22% and score only 5 baskets. They had 19 turnovers for
the game. Pretty bad performance, but good enough for the win.
They outrebounded FSU 40-24, which is pretty good for a team which probably lost
its best rebounder when James Mays was declared ineligible.

It's also a nice win after the Elon debacle. Clemson moves to 12-2, and
FSU falls to 9-2.

Clemson's upcoming schedule breaks pretty well for the Tigers - they get
Virginia this weekend, probably the conference's weakest team, then Wake, a team
with a powerful frontcourt but shaky point play, Duke, a tough game for anyone,
but then road games with Miami and Georgia Tech. Clemson has a shot at
winning, we're guessing, 3-4 of those games. If they pull that off and are
sitting at 16-2 or 15-3, well, that's a pretty solid record in January, wouldn't
you say?

There's not a whole lot to say about Maryland's win. Maybe the
highlight was Will Bower hitting a three pointer. It's a warm-up.

Wake still has some serious issues to deal with, ballhandling being among
them, and after the near-miss against ECU, they are very focused on Duke and
Sunday's big game.

Ol' Roy Williams is
still in a bad mood over the Davidson game
and what he sees as a lot of
stupid basketball.

There are no ACC games until Saturday, when Maryland and Miami face off, FSU
gets a chance to make up the Clemson loss when they host Virginia Tech, Clemson
gets a chance to clock 13 wins early with a win over Virginia, and the big one,
State taking their hoity-toity selves to Chapel Hill to try and stick it to the
Heels. Fun day!