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ACC Roundup

In Tuesday night ACC action, everyone won, but Wake's win over ECU was
perilously close.

The Deacs survived, 58-54. Georgia Tech beat Vandy 76-67, B.C. routed
UMass, 91-62, State beat UNCG 83-52 to move to 12-1, and UNC trounced Davidson,

We honestly expected Davidson to give UNC a much closer game, but there's no
question the Heels are talented. Their problem is youth, which becomes
less of a problem as the season goes on.

ACC Games on
Wednesday, January 4 - No TV!
Florida State at Clemson 7:00
Texas A&M Corpus at Maryland 8:00

After the game, Roy Williams
teed off on his team in the press conference,
making his second reference to
poor play leading to his death since he returned to Chapel Hill. In his
first season, you may recall, he said he was glad his airplane had seatbelts
because he was ready to jump after an ugly performance. This time, he told
the assembled that "I've picked out a spot on the floor about 6 feet up
from the baseline on our bench. If I die of a heart attack it'll be with this
team right there. Just mark that."

His basic point is that while he has a young team, it's time to grow up and
play smart.

Georgia Tech had a mixed bag against Vandy. They held the Commodores to
18 rebounds, which is pretty spectacular, and they scored a lot on breaks.
But they also tossed the ball away 22 times. Vandy is a good, well coached
team, but 22 turnovers?

It's a good win for a young team. But if Vandy can force 22 turnovers,
what will top-flight ACC teams do?

State's game against UNCG was basically a walk in the park, a tuneup for ACC
opponents coming soon.

Now back to Wake's escape against ECU. Maybe the best explanation is
the oldest for this sort of a game: was Wake looking forward to the match up
with Duke? Or were they really that bad?

Not that they are going to be that bad every night.

As it turns out, Wake might have lost had the refs not missed a call. The
source for that? Trent Strickland: "To be
honest with you, the ball went out of bounds off my foot. I guess the ref
couldn't see it."

For Wednesday's offerings, Clemson takes on FSU,
and Maryland takes on Texas A&M Corpus?