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Henderson & Ellington & Lawson & Smith!

Bob got to go to the Oak Hill/Episcopal game and sent us
these notes. Thanks Bob!

A match-up of future ACC rivals!

I went to a great game at the Palestra in Philadelphia yesterday to see Oak Hill
Academy of Virginia to play our Episcopal Academy. Of course, Episcopal is well
know now to be the home of Gerald Henderson and Wayne Ellington. Oak Hill features
Tywon Lawson who will be back court mates with Ellington at UNC next year, as well
as Nolan Smith who recently committed to Duke as a junior.

Check out the links about the game (
and) and about the friendships
and rivalries of the four players:

My thoughts about the game:

Gerald Henderson and Tywon Lawson were the respective MVP's for their teams for
the game. Henderson and Ellington both played well, but Gerald was definitely the
more impressive of the two - in control of all aspects of the game: scoring, assists,
rebounding and defense. I'm really looking forward to watching him in College.

Episcopal put up a great fight against a clearly more talented team.

Lawson was the absolute star on the court. This guy is going to be one great point
guard at UNC. He looked a lot like Allen Iverson - slashing at will to the basket,
making amazing outside shots from anywhere on the court, and blowing by his defenders
easily. The only time Episcopal was able to gain some ground was when Lawson got
in foul trouble and had to sit out for a while.