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What To Talk About When There's Not Much To Talk About

Gregg Doyel has a column up suggesting that Steve Wojciechowski will be the
next coach at Oregon because "Oregon is Nike, and Nike is Duke coach Mike
Krzyzewski. Therefore, Oregon is Coach K. And Coach K wants Wojo at Oregon."
Why would Coach K do that to Wojo?

What, is he supposed to be the Duke Empire rep at the Nike Palace? Is
this some sort of Old Europe power marriage, where the prince was forced to
marry some skanky cousin with a blood condition so that their old men
wouldn't fight?

You could argue that Oregon has had a string of impressive talent lately,
dating back to Mike Dunleavy, or perhaps the Stoudamire cousins. And with
Kevin Love and Kyle Singler, it's still impressive. But Wojo could do a
lot better than Oregon. The PAC-10 comes with some real disadvantages, and
the Oregon schools get some of the worst of it. When was the last time you
saw Oregon on television? Shoot, how often do you see Washington on
TV? And they're a good team.

There will be some jobs open at the end of the season. Kentucky fans
may run Tubby Smith out of town on a rail. Odds are Cincinnati will be
open. And if they go after Skip Prosser, then Wake is open, then someone
else will be open.

More to the point, Coach K has always defended colleagues under fire.
So we're supposed to think that between games, practice, recruiting, and his
summer job with Jerry Colangelo, that Coach K is maneuvering Ernie Kent into the
unemployment line?

Here's a scenario: Tubby gets canned, Kentucky goes after Billy
Donovan, and the Florida job is in play. What's more attractive, Florida
or Oregon?

Sometimes you just have to find stuff to write about - trust us, we're
familiar with that - but what a reach.