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ACC Roundup

In the ACC Sunday night game on Fox, UNC
beat FSU 81-80,
when - surprise - FSU didn't know what to do at the end of
the game. This is an old script for the 'Noles, and if you want to find
the perfect analogy for being a Florida State fan (not that we are but we can
empathize), it's Charlie Brown trying to kick the football. This time
it'll happen!

Monday ACC Games - No
Way, Sucker!
School Conf. Overall
Duke 5-0 17-1
NC State 4-2 15-3
Miami 3-2 11-7
Maryland 3-2 13-4
North Carolina 3-2 11-4
Virginia 3-2 9-6
Clemson 3-3 14-5
Boston College 2-3 14-4
Florida State 2-3 11-4
Georgia Tech 2-3 9-7
Wake Forest 1-4 12-6
Virginia Tech 0-5 10-8

FSU just never quite gets over the hump. You can see periodically that
it could happen there, but it never quite does.

Leonard Hamilton sounds a
bit disgusted but not too down.

For Wake Forest, this is rapidly turning into
The Season That Got Away.
At 1-5 in the conference, it's certainly not
what they expected.

Both teams have a chance to resolve their issues when they face off on
Tuesday night. Virginia will play Miami, in a matchup of teams which have
both showed some guts this season.

Speaking of Virginia, we've meant to mention this for awhile, and our UVa
readers will know of course, but for those who don't,
the Cav's Brenna McGuire
is the granddaughter of the late Al McGuire.