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Duke Crushes San Diego, Plays Wake Forest Today

There's not much to say about the Duke-San Diego game. An undersized Torero
club zoned Duke, and the Devils responded by shooting nearly 60% from the three
point line. Eight players were in double figures, the Devils were +23 on the
boards, and Duke got their final tune-up before the ACC season begins.

That season begins with Wake Forest at 11am in Cameron. It's mascot day for
the kids, with a bunch of different mascots and characters around before the
game, and the first 500 kids get a free breakfast. Wake has struggled of late,
with starting point guard Porsche Jones out for the rest of the year. The Deacs
did manage to beat Kentucky on Saturday, a big win for them considering their
problems. Wake usually gives Duke at least one tough game a year, and the
unusual starting time for the game (11am) might make Duke a bit sluggish at the
beginning of game.