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Why Register?

The Duke Basketball Report has had a user customization feature for several years now. We've not posted about it in quite a while, so maybe it is time to re-acquaint you with the system, if you are an older reader, or introduce it to the new readers.

By clicking on the "My DBR" button at the bottom of most pages, or on the "My DBR" link at the top of the front page, you are taken to a registration system. Here, you can sign in with DBR and get a unique ID. We hold these ID's for you indefinitely, if there is activity. After a year of inactivity, we expire the ID. The benefits of registering are:

  • You can personalize your view of DBR by selecting only topic of interest, or the number of headlines.
  • You can participate in polls.
  • You can bid in auctions.
  • If you read any of out bulletin boards, you can customize your experience there, and you can reserve a name.