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ACC Roundup

People who follow the ACC closely will remember that Paul Hewitt has
demonstrated an admirable loyalty to his A.D.,
Dave Braine, who is retiring.
Sadly, Braine is suffering from Crohn's
, which sounds like a pretty miserable condition.





Duke 3-0 1.000 15-0 1.000
North Carolina 2-0 1.000 10-2 .833
Georgia Tech 2-0 1.000 9-4 .692
NC State 2-1 .667 13-2 .867
Clemson 2-1 .667 13-3 .812
Florida State 2-1 .667 11-2 .846
Miami 1-1 .500 9-6 .600
Maryland 1-2 .333 11-4 .733
Virginia 1-2 .333 7-6 .538
Wake Forest 0-2 .000 11-4 .733
Boston College 0-3 .000 11-4 .733
Virginia Tech 0-3 .000 10-6 .625

Braine also has taken heat over Tech's problems with the NCAA. Bobby
Cremins has been mentioned as a possible successor, but the days of former
coaches taking over may be over. The job is much more complex than it used
to be.

On the other hand, Hewitt plays into this, because he has said that he would
be at Tech as long as Braine is, which means his time could be up, say, this
spring. That's unlikely, of course, given the recruiting class he has
coming in, but we understand he has expressed some private frustration about the
conference, and the situation, at the least, is unsettled. Cremins could
do a lot to settle it, and odds are he's a natural fundraiser, but we're not
sure how well he could master the position. But there are some real
positives too, not least of all P.R.

But to us, the key is whether Tech will be able to keep Paul Hewitt
happy. He's had interest from a number of places, and that will
continue. Who his boss is will be an important factor.

And just to square the circle, if by some bizarre development Hewitt did
leave, can you think of a rising coach whose A.D. is also retiring, and whose
star is still rising? We'd say Jeff Capel would have a tough time turning
down Georgia Tech if they came calling. That scenario will never happen,
but it's fun to think about.

Tim Peeler has an article up about the
1983 State team and their miracle run to the title

There are no ACC games until Saturday, when of course Duke visits
Clemson, Georgia Tech goes up to Raleigh, Miami leaves the beaches behind
to check out Chapel Hill, and FSU is at B.C.

Just a thought: what happens if FSU beats B.C.?