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Nelson - It's A Bone Bruise

As you've probably heard by now, DeMarcus
Nelson suffered a bone bruise in the Maryland game
, and did not re-injure
his ankle.
As Coach K said after the game, it has healed and has been
pinned, so it should be okay.

A bone bruise can really be painful though, and we hope he gets over it

We didn't really get too far into what DeMarcus did against Maryland, and
that was a deliberate decision. We didn't see much point in getting
excited about what he did if he was seriously reinjured, because that would be
it for awhile.

But it was exciting. Offense aside - he drove and missed a big,
powerful dunk, which was understandable perhaps, given his recuperation.
He also hit two threes.

But that wasn't what we were impressed with. What impressed us was his ability
to thoroughly disrupt Maryland. We aren't comparing him with Shane
Battier - they're very different types of players - but Coach K used to tell
Battier to just run around and make things happen. Wednesday night, DeMarcus
took on a similar role, and did it beautifully. The offense is in pretty
reasonable shape, and whatever he adds there will be great. But what he
did defensively was very impressive.