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Interesting Recruiting Thoughts From The Mailbag!

Saw your article on UK fans having to pay for Duke Power. That will be pretty funny.
UK fans might also have a long winter with Glory Road out in the theaters making
Rupp and company look like racists.

The other article you linked recently was a Mummy article which included OJ Mayo.
The interesting thing there is that he has one other team on his list which is not
listed - wherever Bob Huggins ends up. No guarantee that he'll go with Huggs, but
they have a good relationship. It could end up with some of his high school teammates
(Bill Walker especially) which will instantly make a Huggins' team into a solid

Huggins is in an interesting loophole right now. He is not employed by any NCAA
school (he stopped being a 'consultant' for UC in December). As a result, he is
not governed by NCAA guidelines. He can see high school kids as often as he wants
outside of the recruiting timeframe without repercussions. My understanding is at
least 10 schools have contacted him although he won't talk about it which ones because
he doesn't want to undermine their current coaches. Marshall fans have even created
a web site ( to try to recruit Huggins. However,
it might be more likely for him to go to some place in the Big East (Seton Hall?)
as a measure of revenge against his former employers...

Just thought you might find it interesting.