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Duhon's On A Mission

We got a very nice e-mail from Vivian Harper, Chris Duhon's mom, who as a
native of Slidell, hard-hit by Katrina, is of course very concerned and is
looking for help for those who were devastated by the storm.

Chris, as you probably already know, is
organizing a relief drive
, and has gotten significant contributions from
next-door-neighbor Jason Williams, good guy Raymond Felton, and Vin Baker.

Now it's our turn. There is so much to do it's almost beyond
comprehension, but maybe we can make a difference by helping Chris make a
difference. His charity is called the Stand Tall Foundation, and they are
appealing for food, money, and clothes.

This is an unbelievably grim situation, and it's going to get worse.
We're appealing to Duke grads like all the NBA guys, Richard Wagoner of GM,
Melinda Gates, to dig in and make a big difference. But we're also
appealing to recent grads who may have some clothes they are ready to let go of
now that they are gainfully employed. Someone needs those. And if you're
moving, God knows you need to get rid of stuff.

Blankets, shoes, probably even old eyeglasses - everything that may seem
useless or in the way to you is going to be a godsend to someone who just lost
everything. Sending a shirt would cost nothing. A crate of canned
pineapples would be a king's feast for many.

There are so many, many people who are going to need help with just the
basics, much less with rebuilding, which is a long ways away. We're
betting Duke folks can get behind #21 and that we can pick a corner and make a
difference. Are you up to the challenge?

Stand Tall Foundation
c/o Chris Duhon
1151 N. State St.
Box 249
Chicago, IL 60610