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Our Latest T-Shirt!

We're very pleased and proud to debut our latest T-shirt today, and we hope
you like it too. Needless to say, purchases will do a lot to help DBR grow
and prosper.

The front is self-explanatory. The back is a list of all the countries
we get traffic from. When we started this, if you had told us we'd get
traffic from Virginia and Tennessee, we'd have been ecstatic.

If you guys support it, we'd like to start doing more with merchandising.
We've been thrilled with the support we get during our fundraisers, but it's a
lot nicer to give something back as well.

There is more risk to it - we have to pay for the inventory up front, and if
it doesn't sell, we're stuck with it. But when we come up with a nice
idea, we hope you guys will like it enough to buy it. Like this one!

To order, just go to the DBR store, and there it is. Thanks for the support!