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Duhon Swings Into Action - Let's Pitch In!

Usually after major disasters, we urge people to give to the
Red Cross
, given their distinguished and compassionate history, and we certainly don't want to
suggest not giving to them. They really, really know what they're doing,
and can get help to the entire Gulf region affected by Hurricane Katrina. However, we would also like to refer you to
Chris Duhon's
personal effort to bring relief to his hometown of Slidell.

Tragically, like so many cities in the path of the storm, Slidell was hard hit, and their favorite son is stepping up to
help. He has commitments already from good guys Raymond Felton (we'll
never make a crack at Raymond's expense again), Jason Williams, and
Vin Baker, and is appealing for donations of money, food, and clothing, all of
which will be keenly needed.

Maybe Dukies worldwide can adopt Slidell as their virtual
hometown and really give Duhon some resources to apply to the relief
effort. There's an awful lot of work to do in the coming months, and we
don't mean to neglect anyone - there is more misery than most of us can imagine
- we would like to help Chris in his personal mission.

One of the things we'd be really pleased to do is to set
up auctions with the Stand Tall Foundation as the beneficiary.
Any money we
raise will go directly (via your check, not ours) to the foundation.