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Calhoun - Not That Big Of A Deal

Jim Calhoun has made it pretty clear that he
doesn't think Marcus Williams and A.J. Price should be seriously punished

for their role in the stolen laptops. Check it out:

"It's considered serious by me. I don't think it's punishable by expulsion. I believe Marcus will be back some time this year. I don't know about
A.J. The only reason I don't know now is medically. And I don't know the ramifications of everything else.

"It was more horseplay than anything else, fooling around. (Former UConn guard) Ryan Thompson told me there were three computers one day in his room. The next day they were gone. They (Williams and Price) had nothing to do with those computers, by the way.

"That led to someone trying to make money on it. These two guys followed, but they didn't need the money. That's stupidity and that's unacceptable. We'd like the opportunity to deal with it."