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Cinc. Enquirer - Purnell, Prosser, Sendek Would Be Nice

This is totally speculative, but the Cincinnati paper is
wondering who might replace Bob Huggins and mentions
both Oliver Purnell and Skip Prosser
. It also mentions a number of
other coaches who might fit what Cincinnati is trying to do, including Herb
Sendek and Vandy's Kevin Stallings.

Getting one of the ACC guys might be tough now, but Kevin
Stallings would be a great fit for what they want to do

But there's another guy we think they might be overlooking. He's young, he's an African-American, and he's got a long coaching degree despite his age. He played at Duke and he's had success as a young head coach.

Of course we're talking about Jeff Capel, who would be a great, great hire for the Bearcats.