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Calhoun's Response

If you're wondering whether or not Jim Calhoun is going to crack the whip on
MarcusWilliams and A.J. Price, well, yes
and no.

He's not in favor of booting them out of school, taking what might be called
the Tark Tack, and arguing that kicking them out would do more harm than keeping
them in school and disciplining them harshly.

Perhaps, but you may have noticed, this sort of thing very rarely happens at
some schools. Texas Tech comes to mind, as does Duke, and N.C. State,
where Herb Sendek is quiet, but you don't really want to get on his bad side.

The point is, the kids at places like that know what happens when you cross
the line, and there's not much question about it: if you are charged with
felonies, you'll be off the team. Period.

Calhoun argues that he can help these two players now by keeping them and
dishing out harsh discipline, which may work for them. But what about the
next time? The lesson he's giving anyone else is you can certainly commit a
felony and not have to worry about whether you'll be on the team. Of
course you will.