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Latest U-Con Update...

It's still a bit early to be saying this, but a furor may be building in
Storrs about the felony charges brought against A.J. Price and Marcus Williams
after they tried to pawn some stolen laptops.

Some quick notes:

  • Here's
    a pretty thorough recap
    of what's known about the case from the Bristol
  • The third suspect, Thaddeus Ferguson, has been referred to as Williams'
    cousin, although that's not conclusively established yet.
  • After they realized the trouble they were in, they tried to return the
    laptops, leaving behind even more evidence.
  • A third player, Hilton Armstrong, tried to help return the laptops, but
    there is no evidence he was involved. He has not been charged with anything.
  • The police believe Ferguson was the actual thief and that Price and
    Williams conspired to sell the laptops.
  • The laptops were stolen not just from fellow students but from
    fellow-athletes: two from freshmen women's basketball players, and two
    from members of women's track and field.
  • They asked fellow student Christine Pettingell for a ride to pawn shops,
    but couldn't sell the pc's. They couldn't even give her gas money so
    she kicked them out of her car!
  • When she got back, she found out her friend's laptop had been stolen, and
    she reported the basketball players.
  • Text message from Hilton Armstrong to Price: "We need to know where the other one's
    are. I'm tryin' to get in the suites. where you at?"
  • Text message from Price to Armstrong: "On my way back frm boston ... How can u get the other labtops back to the owners without u sayin you goth them frm me ... Cause they tryna lock me."

Price, who fought for his life last fall, has
disappointed a lot of people.

Dave Solomon of the New Haven Register says that how
UConn deals with this will say a lot.

At least one fan, Richard Obrero, says enough
is enough.