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No Charges In Lexington

In the alleged rape in the Wildcat Lodge at Kentucky, county attorney
Margaret Kannensohn has decided not to file charges.

You may remember that initially the woman who wants to prosecute Chuck Hayes
for rape said that the police did not treat her fairly. Although they said previously that she did not have the date-rape drug Rohypnol in her system, they did not disclose that she had traces of marijuana and two sedatives, drugs she says she did not knowingly ingest. The drugs are in the same family as Rohypnol, according to her

In Kentucky, there are apparently other ways to bring charges, and the attorneys say they will explore those options thoroughly.

The Lexington chief of police, Anthany Beatty, personally informed Tubby Smith of the investigation. They did not interview the suspect, didn't bother to search the dorm room, and didn't complete DNA tests on the woman's rape
kit, according to the woman and her attorneys.

Kannensohn says that "[t]he work (the police) have done is absolutely
exemplary. To say that the police did something wrong, I disagree and I disagree to the point where I could get pretty angry in my disagreement."