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Auriemma Pushing Buttons Again

Aside from basketball, maybe Geno Auriemma's favorite thing is stirring
things up. His latest? Opening
a restaurant in a casino
. The NCAA is not happy. The state of
Connecticut may or may not be happy, with their recent review of outside
contracts by state employees and the ethical questions raised at UConn recently.

Auriemma seems to be having a fine time though. He's still taking shots
at Duke, which, given that he seems to do it an awful lot, suggests that he
spends a lot of time thinking about Gail Goestenkors' program. This time
he says he'll have Duke grads waiting tables at his new restaurant.

Speaking of Geno, we didn't link to it, and now we can't find it, but Rebecca
Lobo told a story recently about Auriemma trying to change a light bulb by
standing on top of his BMW. He dented the car and apparently tried to get
the dealer to take responsibility.

This leads to two points: can a wealthy guy who tries to weasel out of his
self-inflicted (and relatively trivial) car damage, assuming Lobo's story was
accurate, be expected to get in other trouble? What gets us is that he
didn't have to do this. He could easily have afforded to just get it

And second, no Dukie would be stupid enough to stand on a BMW to change a
light bulb.

How many UConn coaches does it take to change a light bulb? Send us your
punch line! Use general comments and add /punchline!