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DBR Thank Yous!

DBR wishes to publically express our gratitude to three people who have helped maintain the high level of quality of our site. Of course, we value all our readers, but these three readers contributions stand out.

Rob Clough
Rob has been indefatiguable in his pursuit of knowledge of the women's team at Duke, and his reports on games has been magnificent. We hope he is willing to continue to write for us in future seasons!
Alwyn Featherstone
The Durham Herald-Sun's loss is DBR's gain; Al's knowledge of Duke and ACC basketball is among the best, and his skills at writing make it a very enjoyable day when we receive columns. We hope he is also willing to provide us with columns in the future.
Mike Rosenberg
Mike's role has been more behind the scenes, he has maintained the "Dukies in the NBA" for us. He doesn't get his name seen as frequently as Rob and Al, but he puts in a lot of effort for us, and we are duly grateful. We hope he wishes to continue in the future, as well!