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Gotta Love Julius

We saw this linked off the board and wanted to pass it on in
case you missed it: Julius
Hodge is not letting sleeping ACC dogs lie
. His target this time is Rashad

"We started the workout, and I was working with Rashad. We were doing shooting drills, and I was hitting everything. I think it was getting discouraging for him and near the end he decided to go to the sidelines in an attempt to say that he was hurt. Once it was found out that he wasn't hurt, he then tried to say he was sick. That was unfortunate, he was free and able to show his stuff, and he shied away from it. Rashad is still a very good player, and I wish him nothing but success in the future. But, I was hoping to get to matchup one-on-one against him. Either way, that was my opportunity to go up against a good player with a high draft status, and I fared well."