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How The Spurs Do It

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In case you're wondering how the Spurs do it, Howard Beck of the New York
Times profiles
the way the team is run
. What a smart bunch of guys.

But a
lot of it has to do with Tim Duncan
, too. We got used to him in the ACC,
watching him bore us with 25/15 games on a regular basis. We say bore us
because it never seemed like that much until the game was over. Then you'd see
the boxscore and wonder how the heck he did it. Then you saw the games on
tape, and you'd realize just how incredible he was.

He was great then and he's just gotten better. But on the surface,
nothing has changed: he's still Timmy, still stoic, still killing everyone from
Shaq to whoever else gets in his way. Shaq claims Clark Kent's logo, but
it's pretty obvious to us who the real Superman is.