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That Darned International Food!

Remember Sarunas Jasikevicius - aka Jesse's Cabbages? He is part of the
draft gamesmanship, as
the Celtics are rumored to have made an offer
. However, director of
basketball operations Danny Ainge points out that a lot of sharp players may
be available late, including Daniel Ewing, so there's no point in offering
Jasikevicius now, when even the near future is so murky.

There are some knocks on the NBA in this article, but we got a kick out of
them comparing
the Palace to Cameron.

We're not big fans of Rashad McCants, as you know, although periodically we
see a bit of something in him. But his mom has always seemed like a nice
woman, and we were pulling for her in her battle with breast cancer, which she
has almost won. But Mrs. Muckelvene, please: calling Canadian food
"international" is like calling Minnesota Canada.

Remember how Julius Hodge ridiculed him for getting sick during NBA tryouts? A
guy named Tyrus Wade had basically the same take: “He didn’t do much.
He was saying he was sick. (Louisville guard) Francisco Garcia said
he’s done that at every workout he’s been to. (Rashad) did all the
individual stuff like agility and strength drills. But when it came time for
one-on-one, he got sick. The trainer said he had diarrhea."