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Reactions To The NBA Age Limit

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Now that the NBA age limit is official, reactions are coming in. Greg
Oden says
it's unfair to the next LeBron James
. His teammate, Mike Conley,
though, says that it might be a good thing because Oden really does want to go
to college, and this will take a lot of pressure off of him.

Williams thinks it's a waste of time
, that it really won't affect things
very much, and that the NBA is a competitor and acting like one.

Gregg "Popeye" Doyel has
an article up on the ramifications of the rule
, pointing out that those guys
who decided to wait an extra year to get drafted now look really smart. So
while Shavlik Randolph will likely have a quiet draft day, Shelden Williams
stock has just gone up a lot.

Lute Olson thinks
it's a cop-out.
Lon Kruger thinks
it's pretty pointless.

Dick Vitale thinks
it is a disservice to young talent.