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Ronald "DC" Williams Remembrances

Three of you wrote in.

He had only seen me a handfull of times but would always approach me with a smile. On my somewhat rare visits to Cameron I always hoped to see him.

DC will always be remembered warmly by me.

Here is a link I found from a few years ago about D.C. Williams:

DC was one of those people I think about when I consider the pleasure of working at Duke. He was charming, conscientious, and caring. Working at Cameron myself, I knew that DC would always look out for me, and I hope he felt I was looking out for him too. Beyond that, I enjoyed our chance meetings, even just the short hellos and waves that coworkers often share.

A sound that I'll miss is the absolutely unintellible bawling of his boombox echoing around Cameron on a quite morning. He loved to listen to uptempo gospel music while he worked, and it was fun to walk in and know that he was somewhere around, his music announcing him. I trust he enjoys it still.

Within the past year Coach D'Armi, Captain Mac, and DC have all passed from the Cameron scene (Tom D'Armi to retirement); I'm fortunate to have known them.

Thank you to all who contributed.