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A Better Comparison

With a great class coming in, Duke's recruits have gotten compared to various
players. Josh McRoberts has been compared to Larry Bird, Martinas Pocius
has been compared to Pete Maravich, Jamal Boykins has been compared to Shane
Battier, and Greg Paulus has been called a modern-day Bob Cousy. First
thing is, just toss all of that out. No one should have to live up to
legends like that, and young players should be able to define themselves with
all their strengths and weaknesses.

But having said that, there is perhaps a more apt comparison for Greg Paulus,
and that would be Ernie Di Gregorio.

He's a guy who's largely forgotten today, but he had a great, if abbreviated

At Providence, teamed with Marvin "Bad News" Barnes, Di Gregorio
was simply magnificent. He was a phenomenal passer, with perhaps his most
memorable pass being a three-quarters court behind-the-back pass to Barnes for a

Nothing wrong with Cousy, of course. But we loved Ernie Di. If
Paulus turns out to be anywhere in that neighborhood, Duke fans are going to be
in for a treat.