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Randolph Morris On Randolph Morris

Georgia Tech just lost a point guard, Austin Jackson, to pro baseball, and,
had Randolph Morris picked Tech, they'd probably be losing him, too.

He didn't of course - he went to Kentucky. But
check out this article.

  • He faxed his decision to enter the draft to Tubby Smith and hasn't
    spoken to him or any member of the coaching staff
  • Of the coaches he says: "'They obviously know that it was in my dreams in the first place (to go to the NBA) and they support it or
    whatever...They projected me late first round anyway, so that would be a blessing in
  • "I think Kentucky was a positive thing for me. I learned a lot, had a good time with the
    guys...If anything, it helped me. I learned how to carry myself, how to react to fans. I learned a lot basketball wise."

They support it or whatever? If anything, it helped me? How to
react to fans?

Geez. No wonder Tubby hasn't been in touch.