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Marquette's Dumb New Nickname

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Marquette has had some issues with their nickname. After abandoning
Warriors as being offensive to Native Americans, they became the Golden
Eagles. When a movement came to restore Warriors, though, the
school opted to simply become "the Gold
." Each change has
just gotten worse. The easiest thing to do would have been to have kept Warrior
but changed the logo to something else rather than an Indian. There are a
lot of warriors in the world who aren't/weren't Native Americans.

However, since the school was named for a priest who explored the region and
therefore had a lot of dealings with Native Americans, the nickname was
historically in context and it would have been hard to escape that, no matter
what mascot they chose. Golden Eagles is not great but not horrible,
either. Gold, though, is horrible. Why not, with apologies to
LaSalle, the Explorers? If they really feel bad about their history,
they could even be the Usurpers. That at least makes more sense than the

Or, they could just ditch the historical issue altogether and call themselves
the Marquette McGuires to honor their greatest coach. Or they could be
really obscure and become the Molly McGuiires.