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A Funny Read

While waiting in a local office the other day, we picked up a free local rag
and found mention of a surprising story. Bertell Ollman, a professor at
NYU, is a Marxist who has interpreted basketball in his own way in a
magazine called Logos Journal.

Among his suggestions:

  • He would "charge an admission fee not only to watch the game but to play in it"
  • "There should be a price paid for each shot taken, and the easier the shot, the more it should cost."
  • "One should be able to pay the referees, so that they never call any fouls on you (or walking or double dribble violations for that matter)."
  • "There is no good reason that the baskets should be the same height for both teams. It should be possible for the team that pays more to have its basket lowered, and for double that amount to have the basket the other team is going for raised."

He does put in some good works for teamwork, however. Anyway, if you want to
read the whole thing, here
it is.