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Great Week For Duke...

Here's more on Duke's amazing
week of recruiting
, culminating with
the commitment of 7-1, 270 Brian Zoubek
. If anyone has had a better
week of recruiting, we can't remember it. Jon Scheyer, Gerald
, and Zoubek are a great foundation for years to come.

Zoubek has learned to use his body in the last year or so, and while he's not
a phenomenal athlete, he's big and strong and sound, and he'll present some nice
opportunities for Duke, and some difficulties for opponents.

Interestingly, all three players said it was a life-long dream to play
at Duke.

Next up? Maybe 6-9 Brandan Wright, out of Brentwood, Tennessee, who is also
looking at UNC and Kentucky, or 6-8 Lance Thomas, out of Newark.

Thad "the Mummy" Mumau has
some comments, pre-Zoubek,
on Duke's success, and some other recruiting
notes as well.