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All Of A Sudden, Rashad Looks Pretty Good

Kansas guard (and, we think, Roy Williams recruit) J.R. Giddens was injured in a fight when
he was slashed in the right leg
outside of a Lawrence boozery. No word
yet on how severe the injury is, other than, thankfully, it's not

Just as Jason Williams should have been instructive for other athletes who
want to ride motorcyles (Kellen),
this should teach at least a few young athletes that no good comes out of
drinking and fighting.

When you are an athlete, every mistake you make is magnified, and every
nick on your reputation adds up
. It's not really fair, but that's just
the way it is when you are a public figure. Add in the tendency to resent
celebrated people, and athletes are often in the crosshairs of public

If you drink, don't drive, and if you drink, walk away from everything that
isn't absolutely critical. Most people would understand if you, say,
defended a woman who was in danger, but brawling with a bunch of morons on a
sidewalk is just asking to have your life made miserable.