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From The Mailbag - Sad News From Mt. Everest

Hi to all the DBR Faithful.

Given all the less worthy news out on the American airwaves (ex: as the runaway
bride stuff) we thought it was appropriate to call attention to the admirable cause
of two American brothers who were attempting to become the first American brothers
to reach the summit of Everest together. More importantly they were climbing to
raise awareness and money for a much greater cause, the Hereditary Disease Foundation.
One such disease, Huntingdon's Disease had already claimed the lives of their Mother
and a sister.

Tragically, Michael O'Brien lost his life on Everest, May 1, 2005, on a
climb down the Khumbu Icefall. Attached are a number of links on their climb.
Incidently, their sister (and my sister-in-law)Kathryn Caltabiano, referenced in
some of the attached web-links, spent some of her early years as a Registered Nurse
at Duke (DUMC).

Mike & Chris, your climb goes on!

Thank you!

John (Duke MBA 1997)& Molly (Duke MS Nursing 1997)Caltabiano

Here are the links: