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More On Henderson To Duke

Gerald Henderson is going to be a lot of fun to watch, but from
what his coach says, he's going to be very, very good at Duke
. Dan Dougherty
lauds his talent, of course, but also his coachability and his classroom work.

We didn't realize that Johnny Dawkins and his father were
teammates with the Sixers.
Gerald Sr. was a Celtic first, though, and
had a famous steal to wrap up a Celtics playoff victory.

In the preceding link, Dave Telep discusses how Henderson and Jon Scheyer
complement each other's games. This
expands on the theme. Henderson says Coach K thinks he can be one
of the better players to come out of Duke.

Like Scheyer, Henderson fell for Duke at a young age. With a long
history of NCAA success, Duke should be able to count on young players loving
the Devils until at least, oh, 2020.