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The Woodman Rolls On

Most Duke fans - most ACC fans - probably can't stand Woody Durham, but we've
always seen him as a very gifted broadcaster. His home-team bias (the
opponent gets a 360 slam dunk over two Tar Heels and it's "Duke gets a
bucket!" But let the ball bounce off of someone's leg into waiting
UNC hands, and it's "UNC makes an amazing steal! Walkon 1 scores on
an incredible assist from walkon 2!" That's Carolina basketball!") can
be forgiven as part of his job. The fact is, the guy is a tremendous
talent, and area fans will know that when he has to be replaced. He
says he's good through at least 2010.

If you watched him this past season, N.C. State's Andrew Brackman made a
definite impression. Yet as good as he is, his
best sport is baseball
, and he's been tearing it up for the Pack on the