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Seton Hall Blues

We were just thinking about our old pal Steve Politi, when we came across this
article on Seton Hall's struggles
. Pretty clearly they are having a
tough time, and with the huge expansion of the Big East, it's not going to get
any easier.

What they could use is a coach with some name recognition, and a knowledge of
New Jersey. It'd be a long shot, but it seems like a position Bobby Hurley would
thrive in. He hasn't coached, but is itching to get into it. It'd be
a hard sell to get a job with no college experience, but if we were Orr, we'd
try to hire the guy. He has instant connections in New Jersey, since he
played at St. Anthony's and obviously would be able to recruit his dad's school
and up and down the state as well.

Just a thought.

It also occurs to us that with the massive Big East expansion, there are
going to be some real losers. UConn and Syracuse will continue to do well,
but Seton Hall may be in big trouble, and if Cincinnati dumps Huggins, they may
be up the creek as well. DePaul has not yet shown they can deliver their
market, much less compete, and South Florida has a long ways to go. It's
not going to be as easy as everyone thinks.

And what about Huggins and Cincy? Jay Bilas says he
deserves a chance to stay on.
No word yet on what
will happen.