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Why Elton Brown Is A Big Fat Loser

Former UVa big man Elton Brown was arrested after allegedly
brandishing a gun
during a would-be fight over a woman. Here's the

Brown, who is 6-9 and at least 250, allegedly agreed to "step
outside" with a guy after an argument in a store over a girl. He then
supposedly went to his truckand got a gun, and approached his rival, who said he
then called the police. Brown left, and was subsequently arrested and
charged with brandishing a firearm.

Let's cut through the red tape and get to basics: if you want to define Elton
Brown's non-career, this sums it up: the guy is 6-9 and 250, and gets into an
argument with a normal-sized guy and has to pull a gun.

He's 6-9 and 250. Can't he kick the guy's ass on his own?