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Doyel On Coaching Moves

In his
story where he grades coaching moves,
Gregg Doyel takes a somewhat gratuitous
shot at Duke, based on the ESPN "documentary" which suggested that
sociology was an easy major for Duke athletes.

Even if that were the case - and we don't think it is - even core
requirements at Duke take some work. But let that be for a

If Gregg can say this with a straight face - "More than a good coach, FAU needed a relevant coach. In Matt Doherty, the Owls got both. Dollar for dollar, this was the best hire of the
offseason" - then maybe someone should check his transcripts.
We don't even need to list the plethora of ways Matt Doherty screwed up at UNC.
You can find most of that in the public record, and Dave Glenn, editor of The
ACC Sports Journal, every time we hear him talk about it on 850 The Buzz,
alludes to worse stuff.

Florida Atlantic got a name coach for a school with no budget, true.
But they also got a guy with a clear track record. If he has the same
problems there, they have no one to blame but themselves.