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Richmond Readers On K's Ads, & K And A Special Kid

As you've surely noticed, Coach K's commercials during the tournament have
sparked some wildly divergent reactions. The Times-Dispatch of Richmond put
together some letters from readers which show just how far apart the arguments

Our personal favorite anti-Duke letter: "The NCAA should investigate the circumstances that resulted in Duke's head basketball coach being plastered all over the screen during the entire tournament, talking about what a wonderful leader (of young men) he is. This would include who instigated the ideas with the advertising companies and their clients, what involvement Duke's administration and alumni had in the placement of these ads, where the money went and any other unsavory aspects of the whole sordid spectacle."

Hang 'em high!

There's no real way to convince irrational people they are wrong, as we've
said before, so it's best to just have some fun with them.

Our favorite pro-Duke response comes from Mike Yamamoto, and it's worth
reading the article to see it.

The differences in the reactions are striking but, at this point, hardly
surprising. Duke fans see a different Mike Krzyzewski than the rest of the
country does. So when Yamamoto speaks glowingly of K's long-held beliefs, it's
no great surprise to us. And
when we learn the story of Chase Faiello
, we're not surprised at all. Moved
almost to tears, yes. Surprised, no. This is a very moving story and
shows a side of Coach K we wish more people were cognizant of. Registration
unfortunately required, but head to bugmenot
for a quick fix on that front.

A second part of the story should be up on Sunday.