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K Rip, But Consider The Source

Here's a
big-time rip of Coach K's American Express commercial from Chuck Culpepper
who now writes for Newsday. But perhaps overlooked is his background: he
used to be a columnist for the Lexington rag, and has never had any love lost
for Duke or Mike Krzyzewski.

To an extent, his background in Kentuckiana is revealed in this line: "No pursuit as oily, savage and NC-17 as college basketball - as sports - should warrant a commercial so absurdly
'Pleasantville,' but we continue to dole our helpless youth such televised misguidance as to how the planet really works."

We're pretty sure Duke isn't perfect, and we're equally certain Mike
Krzyzewski isn't, either. Given the huge success the program has
experienced over the years, is there a chance corruption could take root? You
could only say no if you believe there are exceptions to human nature, and
people who believe that always get in big trouble.

But having said that, Duke does make a sincere effort to get it right, and
Coach K has been sincere about that as well. The difference between
Culpepper's experiences in Lexington and people who are around Duke on a daily
basis would be interesting to document. We can certainly understand why he
would be a cynic.